Working on the Website in the New Year!

Working on the Website in the New Year!


Happy New Year!

We wish you and yours the very best of the new year’s blessings for health, happiness and contentment in the new year!!!

As you might see, we are working hard to get our new website all up to date and full of good information and little resources and tidbits about our brand new company!   Yes, it’s only been half a year, as of January 2016, that Maggie has been making her beautiful fiber tools.  She officially went into business on July 5th, 2015.  And it’s been a crazy fun ride ever since!

We were so amazed that she hit the $10,000 gross sales mark this past year.  That is so amazing.  And aside from the money aspect of it all, you can not imagine the wonderful things that this business success has done for our young lady’s well being and sense of accomplishment and esteem.  It has been just so amazing.

Maggie was diagnosed at a very young age as being a Autistic spectrum child…   She didn’t speak until she was five years old, in fact, she was taught a basic sign language and we used sight word boards for her to communicate to us.  It’s been a difficult journey at times but never a burden or too hard for any of us, we have worked hard to just give our children all opportunities available to them to encourage and allow these two girls to flourish.  Her sister, Jessy, also has her own company, Dragon Mountain Treasure, and she makes rock and mineral kits available to kids all over!

Maggie has really blossomed with her hidden talent in woodworking.  She started making things about two years ago, just basic things and learning many skills by watching You Tube University, as we call it!  She is all self taught!  She has had a few mentors on her journey, but for the most part, she has learned by doing, trial and error.  She has earned several new machines to help her out and she loves to learn more and more as she goes through her days.  She got a lathe for Christmas and can’t wait to start using that in her wares!

So, it was time to get her website all fleshed out and full of goodies.   We will be working on it over the next week or so!  Hope you like it!

So bear with us as we have a few growing pains and thank you so much for your continued support and well wishes!   It means a lot to all of us here on the Windhaven homestead…


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