Working Hard…

Working Hard…


It’s really been amazing, all the good attention, orders and well wishes that we have gotten at the start of our new venture.  Maggie is the main craftsperson, she makes nearly everything in our shop offering.  Jessy, her sister and myself, Sherri, her mom, we help a little with the final sanding and finishing, when Maggie is a bit behind.  And she is often a little behind because she is getting so many orders!

Everything we do is made to order.  We just haven’t had a chance to get caught up and make extra stock yet!  And with over 40 products in many different wood choices, chances are, even if we did have a lot of things in stock, it might not be the exact thing you wanted.   Our goal is to start to stock a lot of the things that are commonly ordered…  our weaving/nalbinding needles are very popular.  So are the finger pick shuttles and stick shuttles.  Those are a little easier to make then our beautiful inkle looms, for example.  Maggie tries to make a few extra when she can, when she is set up to say, make wool diz or needles.  It does help.

I hope folks have a little patience as we go through this learning curve and growing pains!  I can’t hardly believe that we have only  been at this for 7 months now!  Just amazing.  I can’t wait to see what 7 years looks like!  We have so many ideas and protoypes to work on and test!  Just wait till you see what we have planned!

In the meanwhile, we will keep burning the midnight oil to do our VERY best to get orders out in a very timely manner!

Thanks everyone!


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