Check out our Friend’s New Etsy Page!

Check out our Friend’s New Etsy Page!

You just have to go and take a look at our friend Jess’s new Etsy page!   She’s been making things for a while now, but her work is so very nice and clever as well!  I adore her grumpy little dolls…  you just have to go and read the descriptions of them!  This naughty little lady called 911 on her Dad!!!!  Hahaha….


She has a beautiful herd of Angora goats and makes the most delightful rugs and hand spun yarns from this beautiful mohair fibers!!!  Even sells some raw and ready for your own spinning.  And if you have never spun mohair…  you are in for a treat.  It’s like angel hair, so soft and amazing.  Takes to dying really well too!

And if that was not enough…  she and her clever hubby make these super fun dog toys!  Evee and Ratchet, our dogs, absolutely love them and offer their own testimony…  these are so fun to tug and fetch!

So please…  go and say hello, look around, like some of the items and maybe even make some your own!   She’s a wonderful friend and in fact, I bought my very first loom from her!  She got me back into weaving after YEARS AND YEARS away!!!!  (I won’t tell you how long ago it was that I had a little time weaving…  Let’s just say that I was living at home and starting my first year of college! Wow!)

Here’s her shop…  

Blackhorn Fiber Farm

Just click and visit!!!

Thanks everyone!!!  

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