Wow! Are we busy!

Wow! Are we busy!

We want to say a HUGE thank you to all our customer-friends!   We so appreciate you and your kindness!  You have helped us to have our best month ever…  160 orders in the month of March 2017!

We normally average about 80-90 orders a month, so this was quite a lot more!  A couple times we’ve had to have friends come and help and we hustle pretty much every day on our works.

We sure do appreciate your patience as we get through orders.  Trust us, we would love to have everything in stock and ready to ship the next day, but we’re just a little family run shop right now, just basically we three ladies and we’re just not there yet.  Someday!

We try and work all the orders as they come in.  We have started to get a wee bit of inventory done, mostly things like shuttles, lease sticks and weaving needles.  These items are simpler then our weaving looms and often once we set up to do some, an extra couple is not hard.  And if you order some of our decals or weaving cards, they might go out pretty quickly because they don’t have to go through the wood shop.

Jessy handles all the shipping and packing of orders!   She has help often but she is the manager of it all.  She deals with all the shipping and tracking information as well as entering the listings and doing all the photography for new items.  She has a full time job these days!  She also handles her own company, Dragon Mountain Treasures, which sells rocks and mineral kits to kids!

Wow!  It’s a cool story, actually.  You have helped to keep our little village post office open!  It was scheduled to close, which would have been sad!  (It’s only a 1/3 a mile from our homestead farm!)  But when we moved in with all our mail order business, they had to keep it open!   There is another fellow in town that makes and sells pocket knives and such and between us, we provide a whole town with a close by post office and the staff’s jobs!  There are two nice ladies that work there.   I think that is really nifty, don’t you?

Thanks to everyone!!!  We sure appreciate it!

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