Work Shop Updates…

Work Shop Updates…

Hi everyone!

So sorry for the lack of posts here on our shop website!  We are just plain BUSY!

Miss Maggie just celebrated her third anniversary as a full time woodworker and let me tell you, she has been SUPER BUSY!

She actually has now made over 8,000 fiber tools and looms for you all!   Yes, Eight Thousand!

That is 7 items a day.  No days off!  Isn’t that crazy!

Now, actually, some of those things she doesn’t actually make.  Like the new weaving cards or some of the fiber we offer, or a few support things like the crochet hooks or the needlefelting tools…  but still, she hand makes the majority of the items we offer!

Jessy, her older sister, does all the shipping and mailing and organizes the schedule for the workshop as to what gets done each day.  As you can consider, it is hard to work on one item and then the next as they come in.  We do have a lot of our smaller shuttles and hand tools in stock now, but anything larger gets made by hand, as ordered.  We’re just not to a point of having a lot of big looms in stock, though we sure wish we did!!!

As a result, Maggie makes some looms in groups.  Like she will make 3 or 4 MInstrels or Concertinas so that she doesn’t have to stop and change the machines over and over.  It’s like a mini-assembly line!  She usually has plenty of orders so no orders get set aside for more than a bit, but the main problem lately, is that Miss Maggie can get anywhere from 5 to 15 orders a day!!!  Everyone loves her work!  We sure do…



Good thing we have good old Tiffany, our Ford F150 pickup!   She is almost 20 years old and used to hauling hay and critters but now she hauls looms!!!

I hope to start writing here just about every day, to keep everyone up to date on our offerings, how the shop is doing and how many orders/looms are in the works.  Just so people can know what is up!  It’s hard sometimes to keep in touch with all the people who have ordered, so doing something here would be a lot easier on us so that we can keep working on everyone’s looms!  Thanks for understanding!


And if you need to reach us…  be sure to check out our various online connections!

Thanks everyone!

Sherri, Maggie and Jessy and the whole crew!


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