Long Time, No Posts!

Long Time, No Posts!

I am sorry!  We have been SO SO busy, trying to keep this wild ride of a business under some sort of control!


Miss Maggie and her wares are super popular and we are feeling blessed, there is no doubt.

As you might have heard on social media or through our Etsy shop, we closed the shop in vacation mode back on the first of May.  And we had at that time 175 orders to fill!!!

It is now open again, but not for looms just yet.  We have 10 more to finish.  Almost there!!!

It has taken us almost 3 months to finish all the back log of orders and mostly looms.  It has been intense!   We have 5 people working on these orders almost all week long.  And Maggie, Jessy and I, Sherri, have been working on them just about 7 days a week, many many hours a day.

Honestly, we thought it would take us about 6 to 8 weeks to get through them all.  Boy, were we mistaken!  It was important for us to get them all done, but not to rush and make mistakes or risk just burning Maggie out.   She is our main concern and worry over too much stress, but honestly, she just loves what she is doing and is going on her 4th anniversary!  Unbelievable.

We are on the cusp of being done with those last 10 looms.  I think next week for certain.

And then on the weekend of July 20-21st, we wil be offering our 4th anniversary special event!   Our anniversary shuttles, of course, and a few new products and a little fun give away as well!

Stay tuned!!!

And we will be bringing the looms back on line in the next month.  Hopefully, starting the first of August.  We will be only taking orders for limited amounts in the beginning…  only enough that we can get finished within a week.  Our goal is to have looms ready and finished, able to ship within a day or two of order.  Won’t that be amazing!  We know that people are anxious to get a new loom and we wish we had a magic wand to make 200 over night, but they just take time.  We’re a small shop!

Thanks again for your well wishes and excitment and I hope to be updating this site much more frequently now!  (It is SO good to be almost caught up!!!)

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