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The Shuttle that Started it All…

The Shuttle that Started it All…



Believe it or not, this little shuttle started off our fiber tool business.

You see, I have two lovely daughters.  They mean the world to me.  And on my birthday, my youngest, Maggie, she made me a sweet little shuttle for my inkle loom!  All on her own.  With very limited woodworking tools and even experience.  And it was beautiful.  I love it.

I asked her if she could make me another one, an idea that I had, for a inkle shuttle with a little pick on the end, a finger pick.  I gave her a rough idea and within a day she came back and made me this one… and another smaller one to give a try.  I was hooked!


Well, the next thing you know, I took a picture of my inkle weaving loom and my finger pick shuttle on it, to share to an inkle weaving group I like on Facebook.  Instantly, someone wanted to know what that shuttle was and who made them.  The rest is history!

It’s now been almost 8 months and she has made so many lovely things in her shop, it’s stunning.  She has had over 1,000 orders now.    It has been a reason that my daughter has blossomed from the difficulties she has with being an autistic young adult.   She adores working in her shop out in a little garage on our farm.  A place that she cleaned out, re-did and finished for her needs.  She is most happy out there, putzing about, working with wood, by herself, and helping to generate funds for the family budget.  It has been the best thing ever for her self esteem and personal contentment.  And it’s been keeping me and her sister Jessy, very busy!  (We handle all her customer service needs and do all the packing and management of orders.)

So, you just never know what a little birthday gift might work into!

Turning Blanks!

Turning Blanks!


Oh boy!  Is Maggie excited!

She got a whole box full of lovely wood turning blanks to work on her new lathe that she got for Christmas!   She is very excited.  14 species of wood, 14 each!  Osage, black walnut, white oak, tulip popular, sycamore, hickory…  and more!

She has done a few things on her lathe, but honestly, she’s been so busy with orders, she just hasn’t had a lot of time to give it a good whirl!   She wants to learn to make drop spindles as well as spinning wheel tools and other things like beautiful crochet hooks and such!   She just loves her wood working!

Can’t wait to share with you all some of the beautiful creations that will come from her hands!

Pretty Clever!

Pretty Clever!

bobbin winder fan

Now, this is pretty clever!  Bobbin winders can be very expensive!  So why not take one of those inexpensive floor fans and add a little spindle to the fan blade spindle and you have a bobbin winder!  I’ve seen these fans brand new at the dollar store for under $20.  And then add a little table like they did and it would be perfect for your weaving studio!

Don’t you just love clever weaving hacks like this?