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Pretty Clever!

Pretty Clever!

bobbin winder fan

Now, this is pretty clever!  Bobbin winders can be very expensive!  So why not take one of those inexpensive floor fans and add a little spindle to the fan blade spindle and you have a bobbin winder!  I’ve seen these fans brand new at the dollar store for under $20.  And then add a little table like they did and it would be perfect for your weaving studio!

Don’t you just love clever weaving hacks like this?

It’s About Time…

It’s About Time…



Maggie started her company in July of this year, 2015.  She had been making a few shuttles before and offering them on our family Etsy shop, Windhaven General Store, but really, the idea to start her own shop and company came about in June and we opened the doors the first of July.

And ever since, it’s been just the most amazing thing.  She has had over 365 orders, sold over 700 items and has a ton of followers and just an unbelievable amount of wonderful reviews and feedback.  It’s amazing.

So it was about time we get her a website and blog running, dedicated to her beautiful work.

Don’t you think so?


Join us as we try and build up a nice site with sales and news about new products, interesting tidbits in the fiber world and stories from our homestead.

Most of all, we appreciate you stopping by and saying hi to Maggie as she works away, making beautiful tools for the fiber arts world.

And oh, yes, the fiber herd says thanks as well!