Our Studio

Our Studio



It might not look like a lot, yet, but we have big plans!  We are working to refurbish a large room in our house that currently holds our large floor looms!  It will be our fully dedicated weaving studio just as soon as we can get the floors finished.  (They are a little rough right now…  we have a bunch of lovely big tiles to lay!)  Our hopes are to eventually start teaching some basic weaving and let people come and experience weaving and fiber arts at the farm.

In the meanwhile, our studio is home to three floor looms and three spinning wheels!


This is our 1920’s Bernat F130 six harness loom.  It’s newest to us, and we are still learning the ropes with this beauty we call Gracie.  She needed some refurbishing and the girls did a great job on her!  She makes some beautiful cloth.   She was recently sold to a wonderful weaver lady that fell in love with her!


And we have a lovely old Union 36 rug loom.  Her name is Rosie.  She makes some beautiful rugs on her old body!  She actually lived through a fire!  You can see some of the scorching on her frame and such.  We think it just adds a lot of character to this old grand lady.

We also have had a Ullman 4 harness loom, a smaller traveling floor loom.  We called her Ikea because she has all these parts and folds up!  I know it’s a little silly but it helps us to know what loom we are talking about.  Jessy is a very talented weaver on the multi shaft looms, and I am more of a weaver on Rosie, the 2 harness loom.

We occasionally get looms in that we refurbish and then sell. Right now we don’t have any that are available, but that can change in an instant!

If you have an old loom or information to share on these looms, please let us know!   I hope in the coming months to add to this section, flyers and old brochures about these looms and lots of detailed pictures to share.  I know as we search for information on old looms, it’s the internet that really helps so much!  We would like to share what we have found on each of these looms with others!