We run a small homestead farm in Northwestern Ohio.  We raise Shetland, Finn and Icelandic sheep as well as Angora goats.  We shear our sheep in the spring and our goats twice a year in spring and fall.  Usually, we sell out of our fiber pretty quickly!   It’s very nice quality and many spinners love it!

Currently you can see our fiber offerings on our Etsy shop category…  FIber and Fleece

We offer full fleeces, raw wool by the pound, cleaned and carded roving and speciality batts of hand blended art yarns for spinning!  Check by often, our inventory changes with the seasons!



Young Alpaca Fleece

We purchased a couple alpaca fleeces and have them available for our customers. This one is a a two year old female, a very light cream, almost white. Oh my gosh, so so so soft and very clean. I think you could card and spin from this right away. I think it would make some amazing yarn, especially carded with a little wool to give it some nice texture!

The staple length is about 2 to 3 inches. It would be best blended with other fibers to make some beautiful yarn!

We do have some nice cream Shetland batts in the shop… or we did! We are getting low on this year’s wool harvest!

This fleece is straight off the alpaca, picked and skirted to give you the most lovely locks and fiber to work with. It will require washing… there are lots of instructions online and through You Tube videos. There will be a bit of vegetable matter, but that is the beauty of working with fleece that has not been heavily processed!

You will get a full pound, which is a LOT of fiber…

It is very clean! And super soft…

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